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Contractors Forum

Contractors Forum South Africa

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Discuss all things related to contracting, subcontracting, source building materials or equipment and get free tender notifications.

Contractors forum


Our contractors forum has been created to bring together contractors in South Africa.

You can discuss various contracting trades as well as business and marketing related topics in our contractors forum.


South African contractors are in need of a platform in which to discuss various contracting related topics and if there are any categories you would like to see in our contractors forum, don't hesitate to ask. We are here to give support to our forum.


Our contractors forum is an online discussion website that enables contractors to have conversations regarding various contracting related topics. Messages are archived and available for others to see and comment on. A message can be deleted by the moderator should that message not comply with the contractors forum rules.

The forum has a set out structure and contains subforums. These subforums will have different topics. Within a topic you will find a thread which can be seen and replied to by many people.

Our contractors forum consists of various different subforums:

General Discussions for Contractors
Contractor and Company Introductions
Forum Suggestions

General Contracting Business
Marketing and Sales

Buy and Sell Equipment, Building Materials

Building and Decor Contractors
Flooring Contractors
Fencing and Gate Contractors
Security Contractors
Solar Contractors
Electricians and Plumbers
Plant Hire

Whatever your contracting services we hope you can make use of this contractors forum.