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Side x Sides South Africa


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Polaris Side x Sides

Extreme performance changes with every innovation. The Polaris side x sides are the hardest working, smoothest riding side x sides ever.


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Linhai Side x Sides

Whether you're ripping through the fields in two wheel drive or creeping down steep hill descents in four wheel drive low, the Linhai side x sides has you covered.

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Kubota Side x Sides

The Kubota side x sides is a tough utility vehicle that's built from the ground up by Kubota engineers - the people who know how to make machines work harder and last longer. From the moment you grab the wheel, you'll notice the rugged, heavy duty design and performance that only a Kubota can offer.

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Toro Side x Sides

For exceptional versatility, hauling and towing, Toro side by sides utility vehicles can handle virtually any job or application.

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